The Young Genius Festival

The Young Genius Festival
1st Dec – 20th Dec, 2020

Spark.Live is bringing together a range of enjoyable activities for children and adolescents – from learning Zumba or the mridangam to public speaking and art. The complete list of this eclectic mix of masterclasses, events, and workshops is available below. All the recordings will be available for later viewing by participants.

Freestyle Dance for Children


Lattika Khandwelal: How to Freestyle Dance for Children (English)

Freestyle dancing is the best way to engage any kid. With no strict technique-work, your child gets to shake a leg to their favorite song with other kids their age from the comfort of their home! No more worrying about masks and sanitizers! Lattika’s workshop will not just give you some time to catch up on your work, but also boosts your kid’s confidence when they show-off their new moves later! 

Requirements: comfortable clothing, space to dance


Ashwini B. Hiremath: Hatha Yoga for Children (English

You may think that yoga is just for adults but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Yoga and mindfulness can help kids become more agile, flexible, strong, and even improve their concentration. With a fast-paced class that is focused on fun rather than perfect alignment, this yoga class will make your child smile and show off their new-found flexibility! 

Requirements: comfortable clothing, yoga mat 


Pallabi Chakraborty: Painting with Poster Colors (Bangla)

When it comes to creativity, nothing beats the familiar smell of poster colors and the vibrancy of the paint. With an inclusive workshop for children aged 4-10, Pallabi Chakraborty will help your child channel their inner artist! 

Requirements: poster colors, brushes, paper, paint dish, and newspaper 


Antara Roy Choudhury: Zumba Workshop for Kids (English) 

Do your kids like to dance? Have they been sitting around the house, lifeless? Then get them to attend this Zumba workshop by Antara Roy Choudhury! Known for its easy dance moves, infectious music, and tons of fun, Zumba will help your kids laugh with joy and relief again! 

Requirements: comfortable clothing, an area to practice Zumba 


Sharmistha Roy Dutta: Period Cramps for Adolescents (Recipes) (Bangla)

As puberty starts to hit, your body goes through a number of different changes. For some of you, you may soon start or may have also started your period. If you’re extremely lucky, maybe you don’t face PMS or menstrual cramps, but if you do or if you know someone who does, attend this masterclass by nutritionist Sharmistha Roy Dutta for some easy recipes that can lessen the pain during this stressful time. 

The Challenge Called Studies!


T.S. Sudhir: The Challenge Called Studies! (English)

Studying is an ever-present challenge for students everywhere. In the middle of a pandemic, it might feel like regular studying has no real effect. However, this pandemic will end (hopefully soon!) and your future is just around the corner. Join T.S. Sudhir for this informative masterclass on smart studying and tips that can help you long after high school.


John Pradeep JL: Make Your Kids Real Life Incredibles! (English

Kids are superheroes in the making. Every great human being was once a kid after all, and if they could do it, why not your child? John Pradeep JL is India’s first theatre-based life coach, and in this masterclass, he will show you and your child how to tap into this limitless power. John believes your child is destined for greatness. Do you?


Kaushal Reddy Ottem: All Work and No Play: The Importance of Extracurricular Activities for Kids (English

When kids are young, their minds are fertile, and, as parents, you may be tempted to send your kids to all sorts of classes to help them learn new things. But this leaves little time in your child’s life for play and relaxation. Boy Genius Kaushal Reddy Ottem talks about the role of play in a child’s life and how it’s as important as work in helping them scale new heights and follow their dreams.

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