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Your gut holds the key to your mood

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There is a Greco-Roman proverb, which in English reads as, “A sound body is a sound mind”. Variations of this proverb have appeared throughout history, but they all emphasize on the same thing, a healthy body is also the guarantee for a healthy mind. This fact is true even in modern age where technological process and advances in medicine have made it possible for us to lead longer and healthier lives. For this article, we would look at how your gut can determine the mood that you may experience throughout the day.

            Gut is composed of the large and small intestines and both have a major role to play in the digestive system. While the stomach helps to dissolve the ingested food into a mixture from which nutrients could be extracted and transported to the cardiovascular system for supplying those nutrients to every cell in the body, the actual act of extracting those nutrients takes place in the gut, where the walls of the intestine readily absorb the nutrients from the dissolved food and pass it on to the bloodstream. It is also in the intestines that the ingested food is converted into faeces, which continues its journey towards the rectum. Hence, the intestines play an important role in digestion and waste removal.

            Moreover, it is in the gut where the resident microbiome of an individual is also situated. Also called “good bacteria” in informal parlance, the human microbiome is a series of microorganisms that inhabit in the intestine of human beings, often in a symbiotic relationship with the human body. The microorganisms absorb the nutrients that they require, and in turn, they protect the body from harmful organisms that could damage the gut and make the person fall sick.

            Owing to these factors, if the gut is not doing its job properly, it often causes a person to lose concentration, feel irritable and even lead to a depressive episode. Indeed, studies have shown that a person’s perception of health and physical well-being is intricately tied to how well are their bowel movements and their gut functions. Whether this is an instinctual quirk left over from our evolutionary history, or whether this is a social construct in the course of our growing concern with health, is presently unknown. Thus, its sufficient to say that your mood and your mental peace depends on whether you have a god gut.

            In order to ensure that you have a good and healthy gut, and thereby, a good mood and a healthy mind, you must maintain a balanced and healthy diet, especially a diet that contains plant fiber known as roughage, as it helps to stimulate proper bowel movement as well as they are a rich source of nutrients that would serve not just your body, but the microbiome that is present in your gut. Hence, if you want a good gut and a good mind, just eat well.

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