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The Importance of a Customized Diet Plan

While we all know the power of good food and nutrition, our eating habits would make one believe otherwise. For instance, we all know that an excess of junk food intake increases the risk of cholesterol and high blood pressure, and yet we continue to order a Double Margherita with Extra Cheese simply because it’s the weekend! 

The harsh truth about a healthy diet and lifestyle is exactly that: it’s a lifestyle. It’s not a one-time thing where you eat healthy for a week and you’re set for life. You have to commit to the diet and various other self-care routines to see a difference. For example, we have all fawned over 90’s icon Milind Soman and his amazing physique and good looks. But did you know that he was a national swimming champion for 4 years? That is dedication and a commitment to a certain way of living. To this day, his Instagram profile features posts about him and his wife going out for jogs, running marathons, doing the plank, and even getting his mom to do a headstand with him! 

Myths About Diet Planning 

A common misconception about diet planning is that it is only for people who are morbidly obese and wish to lose weight. This could not be further from the truth. 

In fact, planning your diet has become a new millennial trend with meal prepping, where you plan out and prepare all your meals for the week on a weekend or a day off. This saves you both time and money and allows you to always have a healthy meal ready.

meal prep for 5 days

Another common myth is that of the diet plan itself! This could be the frustration over a diet plan that works for a celebrity but doesn’t work for you or one that works for your friend but leaves you hungry and unsatisfied. Simply put, no two bodies are alike and, therefore, there is no single perfect diet plan.

While the internet is filled with people sharing their personal stories, it is important to remember that they are all personal stories specific to an individual and their experience.

So How Do I Plan My Diet?

Before you head down that road, it is important to note why you are planning your diet in the first place. Is it for losing weight? Gaining weight? Building muscle mass? Or just making healthier choices? Whatever your motivation, it is important to have it clear in your head as this will keep you committed to the process. Additionally, it helps to have a goal in mind when consulting an expert nutritionist about the same. 

A nutritionist is someone who takes into account various factors such as your current diet, lifestyle, meal options and choices (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), and your personal goals to create a diet plan that is specific to you. This is a growing trend in India, especially because many diet plan websites and apps do not cater to an Indian diet and cuisine. 

Additionally, as we are all aware, there are multiple subsections in Indian society and religions that lead to very specific dietary restrictions. An Indian nutritionist can take all of this into account while creating a plan for you. Always remember, you can ask your nutritionist to tweak the plan made if you find it is too little, too much, or with meals that are inaccessible. This is the advantage of consulting a nutritionist who creates a plan specifically for you!

Meet the Expert

One of our expert nutritionists, Minal Gada, will be happy to help you with the same. With a wealth of experience and knowledge about different medical conditions such as PCOS, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, she can customize a diet plan taking into account all of this. She can also help create diet plans for pregnant women, children, and athletes. With an explanation for every change made to your current diet, the modified pan will be emailed to you within three working days so that you can start your health journey ASAP! 

Just remember that getting a diet plan by a professional is not enough. At the end of the day, the results are largely dependent on you and your willpower to see this through. Understand that living healthy is a lifestyle and not a fad, and while it may seem difficult in the beginning, remember that the rewards more than make up for it. 

And if you are really running short on inspiration, simply Google Milind Soman or even Akshay Kumar and look at the strict routines they’ve followed for years and the results of the same! 

So what are you waiting for? Get your customized diet plan now!  

Customized Diet Consultations with Minal Gada

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