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Spark.Live Conversation with Yoga Instructor Anuradha Jha: Tailor-Made Yoga Classes Just for You

In explaining society’s innate desire to impose conformity through uniformity, Paulo Coelho wrote in his famous novel, Veronika Decides to Die

Each human being is unique, each with their own qualities, instincts, forms of pleasure, and desire for adventure.’ 

It rings essentially true when we are asked to do things as a herd because something is trending or it is a fad. It can become particularly futile if one decides to do physical exercises or yoga without understanding their personal needs and capabilities because everyone is doing so.

Yoga is a deeply personal experience and, if done right, can be therapeutic. Legendary yoga guru, BKS Iyenger, who has been credited with spreading the popularity of yoga in the West, often used to say, ‘my body is my temple and my asanas are my prayers‘.

Each one of us, who is trying to do yoga for multiple reasons, and motivations needs to realize intrinsically that we are all unique and possess unique needs. Hence, having a yoga trainer whose mantra is to provide tailor-made yoga sessions for each of their clients can take the whole experience to a more fulfilling level and Anuradha Jha, ace yoga expert on Spark.Live, does just that.

Meet the Expert

Anuradha Jha, who picked up yoga as a child, is now a veteran trainer at the prestigious British School of New Delhi. She believes in knowing the people she is training well. She finds out if they have any ailment or specific pain before starting even simple breathing exercises. Ms. Jha says, ‘I recommend personal training because it establishes an informed and trusted relationship between the client and trainer. I always begin with a conversation about their general health. For example, if someone has thyroid, I tweak the asanas a little to maximize their weight management potential as both type thyroid anomalies have a profound effect on a person’s weight.’ 

Since starting to provide yoga training professionally, Ms. Jha has developed an impressive client profile that consists mostly of expats living in India. Apart from the British School, she also teaches yoga to the American Community Sports Association of New Delhi. She has been awarded the ‘Best Yoga Performer 2017-18’ award by the Uttarakhand government. 

Keeping it simple yet personal is Ms. Jha’s brand of yoga. She said, ‘Nothing beats the regularity of yoga sessions because a bond is then created between the trainer and the client. I get to know more about someone through multiple one-on-one sessions. Many unlock their well-being by simply discovering themselves through these personalized sessions. This is more difficult to achieve in group sessions. So, my recommendation for everyone would be to take up multiple sessions in a weekly format to achieve the goals one has set up for themselves in a more swift fashion.’ 

Practicing yoga regularly has the potential to unlock immense mental and physical well-being. The cherry on top would be if the asanas are just made for you. With our expert, Anuradha Jha, you are going to get exactly what you and your body requires.

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