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Spark.Live Conversation with Dr. Priya Kaul: Spiritual Life Coaching for a Healthy Mental State

The constant stress of a modern lifestyle can exact a heavy toll on our minds.

Dr. Priya Kaul, who is a celebrated life coach and an expert in past life regression, reiki, hypnosis, angel therapy, tarot card reading, and meditation, shares her mantras about how to grow spiritually by finding root causes of anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Q: What is your guiding philosophy when it comes to helping people as a spiritual life coach?

A: My philosophy is simple. 

First and foremost, one should try not to feel lonely or depressed due to any changes taking place as something new is always around the corner. Uniquely see the world with the view to help not just yourself but also others. Be more loving, compassionate, and stay motivated. 

You must try to change your perception towards humanity and not get bogged down due to difficult times. I am a living example of this change as I faced some trying times in the past and have now overcome them. The experience of going through them wasn’t easy, and neither was the work to overcome them – but it was worth it. 

The main objective is to work on yourself so you can help make the world a better place to live in. 

Q: Modern life is full of anxiety, stress, and pressure. How do you help people with such issues? How challenging is it? 

A: Yes, these are very challenging times which are leading to an unprecedented rise in stress, anxiety, and depression levels.

However, people must realize that they CAN help themselves instead of looking for help from external sources. What I suggest and highly recommend is daily meditation. I practice it religiously and have found it can bring positivity especially during trying times. Meditation can also help with healing from issues and challenges in our current lives. These are karmic debts from a past life, and we all must pay out dues. 

Due to this, I put a lot of emphasis on meditation as it allows one to grow spiritually and to realize the root cause of their anxiety, stress, and depression.

Q: What methods are preferred by you as a life coach?

A: As a life coach, I always recommend, and myself use, a combination of tricks from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to hypnosis and new age healing modalities. 

I approach each person as an individual as a lot depends upon the seeker, their personality, and their understanding. So, life coaching doesn’t just depend upon me being an NLP master healer or a certified life coach, it entails other things as well. 

We must understand why a certain person needs our help, what are their issues, how is their personality, and then accordingly create a specific individual module and cater to that person’s unique needs. 

Q: We all are reeling from the shocking death of popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput from what is widely believed as a suicide. Is there anything you would like to say to people who are dealing with mental health issues?

A: Of course, my heart goes out to him and his family. This is an extremely sad and sensitive piece of news. 

The first thing anyone in a negative mental state must do is speak up and talk to people. This is precisely why I have come up with the ‘Angels in Disguise’ campaign where all my teachers are listening to people and guiding them as well. 

A lot of people are feeling ‘alone’ as if they have no one. This is more common in public figures – people who are always under the lens and in the limelight – as these people are concerned about their public image and hence don’t want to talk about these issues. They feel that this will negatively impact their reputations and their future. But we should all learn from the examples set by Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone as they spoke about their issues and beautifully carried their lives ahead. Such examples should be highlighted. 

Everyone needs a spiritual life coach – someone who is there for them during challenging times to guide them to show them the bright side. Just speak up, find someone who can help you, and who you can trust with your life’s insights without feeling judged. 

As a spiritual life coach, I also maintain a strict confidentiality code and never share any details of my clients’ lives with anyone. 

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8 thoughts on “Spark.Live Conversation with Dr. Priya Kaul: Spiritual Life Coaching for a Healthy Mental State”

  1. Very well explained. I hope and wish many souls learn and get enlightened with the truth that they are not alone at all. If they need help just give a try and help will be provided.
    Thanku for explaining so well.

  2. It’s always such a pleasure to hear Dr. Priya Kaul speak with such passion . Undoubtedly she is the best healer and mentor I have come across .

  3. Dr Priya Kaul’s guidance, her teachings, her mentorship, her healings are just out of the world. To be very honest, I have never come across such a life coach ever in life. She is THE best. Period.

  4. Very well explained. Also very informative.
    God bless Priyajee for spending so much time and making so many sacrifices to teach, heal, spiritually educate and help so many people.
    All I can say is A BIG THANK YOU🙏
    Lonely and depressed people should really reach out. Keep aside your ego, forget what people say or think. You should not feel alone and not be a coward. Please reach out for help.

  5. Very well explained priya mam…she is a best healer and mentor…Big thanks to Dr. Priya kaul..I am your big fan.

  6. RUKMINIDINESH 8/July /2020 Very well explained priya you are very informative and spending your precious time to encourage people to teach heal spiritually educate for soo many people .priya give very good guidance she is the best best healer .ihave attended some work shop very nice explanation we can understand easily thank you priya god bless you for more achievements you are my ANGEL

  7. Since I got connected with Dr.Priya there are so
    many changes in my life. She is a true healer n spiritual coach. Her healings do wonders. She treats any issue as if that is her own issue. Which is very rare to get these times. Her knowledge about her subject is par excellence. Thank you so much Priyaji for everything. Stay blessed

  8. Thank you Priya Di greatful for this beautiful explanation and you knowledge is always a hope for those people who need help in life. Yessss you are a hope creator! Thank you so much for helping me.

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