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Spark.Live Conversation with Arijita Bhattacharya: Pranic Healing and Tarot Reading

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During times of extreme stress, such as this pandemic, it can be difficult to access the help you need. It can also feel overwhelming as stress may often present itself through physical means.

This leads to a compromised immune system that is more susceptible to illness and diseases. At a time where people are asked to practice social and physical distancing measures, and healthcare workers everywhere are swamped with Covid-19 cases, pranic healing comes to the rescue.

As a no-touch healing therapy, it depends on redirecting the ‘prana’ or life force within you to the right places and removes negative energies. Thus, this form of healing does not require physical contact.

Similarly, you may also be stressed about what the future holds for you during this time of uncertainty. Tarot Reading, coupled with Pranic Healing, can help ease stress, anxiety, and even fear related to both present and future circumstances.

We speak to Arijita Bhattacharya, a known Pranic Healer and Tarot Reader, about these holistic practices and the role they can play in easing your soul.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about holistic practices such as pranic healing?

A: The biggest misconceptions about pranic healing that I have heard from people are:

  • ‘We don’t believe in this.’
  • ‘There is no science behind this.’
  • “‘We can’t see it, so this doesn’t exist.’

Q: In your opinion, why do some people readily believe in astrological and holistic practices, whereas others don’t even when it’s accurate and helpful?

A: Life is all about the experience. When we experience something that turns into a memory. That’s why there are always ways to verify things. Firstly, educate yourself about the theory. Secondly, go through a practical experience that supports the theory. Validation can only be done through experience. 

Now we have to understand that there are many levels of truth. Our belief always gets changed to a bigger version of the truth. Let me give an example: what we studied in class 5, that perception of reality was our truth. But when we grew up and went to university, our perception about the same thing became wider as we started understanding the bigger truths of life.

We understand experiences through two terms: Cause and Effect. In holistic practice and astrology, we can be aware of the effect that is going to take place following an event. As per the logical perspective, there should be ‘discernment’ and ‘validation’ for each effect. Otherwise, this knowledge can lead to falsehood. Nowadays, we are mostly focused on the physical aspect of life, but there is a huge area of life that is invisible, i.e., our emotions, thoughts, the subconscious world, etc. Each of these forces may be subtle but still, lead to a massive cause and effect relationship. 

We are choosing to experience life without knowing the whole truth. Everyone has the potential to be aware of their surroundings, i.e., understanding the cause and effect of life.

Astrological and holistic practices work on the energy or invisible forces of nature. That’s why some people readily believe in astrological and holistic practices as they are aware of these subtle effects. Whereas others, who only believe in the physical aspect of life or are not aware of the energy aspect of life, don’t believe in this.  

Q: How has your life changed since you took up pranic healing, numerology, and tarot reading as a career?

A: In Pranic Healing, we work with the prana that is always available around us. I remember a quote ‘Tarot reading helps to understand your own energy pattern better.’ Pranic Healing helps one to overcome any obstacle. Both processes help to understand the concept that “Life is abundant.” 

Life is all about discovering your true potential, going through obstacles, and learning some life lessons. These help me to take my own responsibility, i.e., right thoughts, right feeling/emotions, and right action. It helps me realize the power of ethics and service. These are part of my life, which feels like a blessing. Awareness is the only solution for a beautiful life. In one word, these practices change one’s full perspective of life and reaffirm that miracles exist.

Q: What does a ‘negative’ reading mean? What life changes should someone make after one?

A: I don’t believe in negative readings. From a healer perspective, when our energy system is contaminated with negative thoughts and emotions, then whatever we act upon, we transfer the same energy to the cards. 

Tarot Reading helps to understand one’s own energy system better, and shows a way or opportunity to transmute lower frequency energies into higher frequency energies. Through that process, one becomes a better human being.

Q: What would you say to people who become increasingly dependent on tarot or astrology for solutions?

A: Tarot reading helps one become aware of their own energy pattern/system. As I stated earlier, awareness is the key to success. It shows the inner potential that every individual holds. Thus, you can use tarot as a medium for continuous growth and taking responsibility. 

Becoming dependent means attachment to something without being aware. Use the tool, but do not be dependent on that because life is dependent on choice. Everyone should learn to make choices in their life with a complete understanding of the situation, adequate knowledge, and intuition. 

Q: Numerous client reviews show your readings are very accurate. What is your secret?

A: Thank you for this compliment. 

I read tarot not for predicting the future, but rather as a healing perspective. I do help the client become aware of their own potential and aim to provide solutions to overcome their own blockages. When healing happens, they can listen to their heart by themself. The purpose of tarot reading is to help others grow and manifest their greatness because every soul is unique and pure from within.

Q: How often would you recommend people come to you for pranic healing and a tarot session?

A: Pranic healing is done from a distance as a non-touch therapy. Based on the intensity of the disease, we can do healings twice or thrice a week. Each disease may require 10-15 sessions.

For tarot reading, I recommend people to recheck once in 4 months. 

Both processes help to validate a deeper understanding of life.

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