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Should You Consult a Wardrobe Stylist?

Simple answer: Yes! 

You may think that a stylist simply chooses clothes, but it is so much more than that. Think about your favorite celebrity. Think about their style, the clothes they wear, how their hair is, the accessories, the makeup, all of it. The entire package becomes a look and sometimes a look can become synonymous with a person. For example, The Rachel Hairstyle from Friends or the unique style of Billie Eilish. 

And this is one of the most important jobs of a stylist. It is to create a look that becomes famous for the right reasons. It must be something that is comfortable and reflects your personality, while still being fresh and new. 

But I’m Not a Celebrity! 

You may think that since you’re not a celebrity, you don’t need a stylist — but that simply isn’t true. A stylist doesn’t just get you into the Best Dressed columns, they help define you. They help create your image. In this world of social media, your image is everything. Additionally, just because you aren’t a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and fashionable! 

With the spread of fast fashion and delivery portals such as Myntra, Amazon, Ajio, Shein, and many more, curating a look that is both true to you and affordable has never been easier. It is easy to google exactly what your favorite celebrity was wearing and how to get the same product or a cheap imitation of it. 

Woman online shopping

But all this choice can be confusing as you may feel tempted to try it all. 

Plus, keeping up with trends and anticipating future ones is a full-time job. It is helpful to shoulder off some of that burden to an expert – someone who knows the game, who understands fashion and its lasting impact, and more importantly, someone who can help you look good. 

First Impressions Matter 

‘First impressions are last impressions.’ 

You may often make inferences about a person’s characters, social status, and even their educational background based on how they dress and groom themselves. Spending hours picking the right interview outfit and practicing our body language is normal because we know that we only get one shot at forming a lasting impression. And once you land a job, one of the most confusing terms is business-casual! 

Think about how much effort and time you put into selecting that perfect first date outfit. The pictures you send your friends for approval. The care you take into your attire for a party where you might run into your crush. How about the last time you approached that cute person simply because they looked good? 

Woman standing outside closet deciding what to wear

Magazines and blogs are filled with what to wear and what not to wear. How you shouldn’t wear stripes if you have a certain body shape or how you should incorporate certain colors in your wardrobe due to it being autumn. 

We do all these things because we know that how other people perceive us, matters. And that snap judgment is often through the clothes you wear. So now that we know all of this, doesn’t consulting a stylist make sense? 

Aren’t Stylists Expensive? 

Just like every service, there is a scale. You do not have to employ the same stylists that Jennifer Lopez or Deepika Padukone does. You don’t need the budget of Sonam Kapoor to be a fashionista. 

Stylists can be very affordable. Take, for instance, Linda Mercy who is a social media influencer and has a degree from NIFT. She offers consultations at a very reasonable rate for women of all body types. From imparting knowledge about your body type, to what patterns and colors suit you, to how to best express yourself, she does it all! Due to studying at NIFT and living in India, Linda has a firm grasp on both Western as well as Indian fashion, so she can guide you with the best dress to wear to a party and the perfect saree or salwar kameez to impress your grandparents.

Linda Mercy

Extremely knowledgeable and with experience, Linda is an expert we are glad to collaborate with. With one-on-one online sessions, you can figure out what works best for you in a matter of minutes! Not just that, she also gives advice regarding what brands to look out for and even provides simple make-up tips. 

With an active social media presence and following, she knows how to help you put your best face forward. The best part? She is all about minimalism so you don’t even have to worry about spending a lot on buying expensive clothes! 

So go ahead and break out from that rut of T-shirt-and-jeans combo you’ve been stuck in since forever — and discover your own personal style! 

Discover Your Personal Style with Linda

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