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See Your Future Through Tarot

This is a period of uncertainty. With our normal way of life completely disrupted, plans put on indefinite hold, and new rules and regulations everywhere, going through each day can be disorienting. You may feel anxious or even fearful about the future. Maybe you are constantly checking the official numbers of your state or city. Maye you are trying to avoid the news and shield yourself. Whatever may be, you are definitely not sure what the future holds anymore. 

But that’s not really true. 

Since written history has been available, we are aware that humans often used various methods of fortune-telling for a multitude of reasons such as knowing when you would get a good crop or yield, to the present-day question of whether your crush likes you. Knowing the future is a useful tool as this can prepare you for bad times and good. 

Knowledge is Power 

One of the ways to take a peek into the future is through tarot cards. Recently, the tarot has seen a massive rise in popularity and it is often seen as a comparatively easy method of predicting the future. However, just like any other art form, tarot requires its own unique skill set. 

Understanding the different meanings of the tarot cards is easy as one can simply Google those. But what do these cards mean in relation to each other? Which method of tarot is the best and most-suited for your specific question? 

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An Art Form 

Did you know that a tarot card being upside-down has its own meaning? Or that most tarot readers own multiple decks and that those decks have to be routinely cleaned of bad energy? It is also recommended that you do not attempt a reading, especially your own if your mind is muddled as this will send unclear signals to the universe. 

That is another point. Tarot works through the power of the mind and the universe. You send your thought, your question, your hopes into the universe, and since we are all made of the same matter, the universe picks up those vibrations and provides you with an answer. The universe is able to do this as it is not bound by linear time the way human beings are. 

So to have an accurate reading, it is important to consult the cards when you have a clear mind, and preferably, through a professional who can decipher the different meanings easily. If you are someone who routinely asks the universe for guidance, you may often find that the universe answers through gut feelings and nudges. Answers to complex questions, however, are a bit difficult to understand strictly through a gut feeling.

Meet the Expert 

Kanika Sarin has a gift very few people are blessed with. While it is easy for anyone to buy a tarot deck and call themselves a tarot reader, this is simply not legit. Kanika began this practice of reading the cards when she was a little girl.  

Kanika is a professional tarot reader and has been practicing this form for seven years. She understands the true nature of tarot and the connection to the universe. Whether your question is about finding love, career success, and fulfillment, or something as simple and complex as whether you’ll be happy, her cards can answer all your questions. 

The easiest way to sum up the art of tarot is through the card of Death. While on the surface this card may seem like trouble, it is understood between believers that this is one of the most auspicious cards. Death does not signify death as we understand it, but instead it means change and change is good as it is only when we are challenged that we improve. Tarot reading is much the same. A “bad” reading or “bad” cards do not spell out a bad outcome, but rather a warning that if you continue, this may be your future. 

Remember, it is always you who chooses the cards and decides what to make of the reading given to you. You hold your future in your hands. Make it the best one possible. 

Book your session now, if you dare. 

Have A Wish You Want To Come True? by Kanika Kakkar Sarin

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  1. The true line “Knowledge is Power”. When we have a hint of what might happen, we fell blessed if the result is positive and if it the other side, we will plan to face the situation. Thank you for all your inputs.

    1. Mam hum 3 years se relation me hai bahut km baate hoti hai humari bcoz of long distance relationship aur abhi situation bahut khrb Ho Gaye hai jisse hume separate hona pad rha hai bcoz of his family matter mam plz tell me about my future that he will marry me?? KY hum melnege we both love each other so much

  2. Ma’am I want to know my future what is stored there. I’m facing a really hard times right now. Will I be successful in life?

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