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Real-Time Advice on Covid-19

doctor fighting covid-19 with patients

A pandemic is an extreme situation, as evidenced by the fact that the previous major pandemic was the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Safe to say, most of us have no experience on how to act during one. 

This Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a halt. Flights are grounded, a lot of places don’t even allow people to take a walk around the neighborhood, seeing someone without a mask is an instant red flag, and stocking and piling up on essentials has almost become second nature. This had led to people being stuck at home, reliant on the internet for all their needs, from work and entertainment to information. 

With the availability of fast internet and Whatsapp forwards, it can be difficult to know what information is accurate. Sure, you can always check the official WHO (World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) websites, but a lot of their data and advice is targeted at the American population.

Additionally, this is a high-stress situation where you may be getting scared of every sneeze or cough, even though they are very common symptoms and do not necessarily mean you have been infected. 

So what do you do in this situation where ‘information’ is everywhere and it can be difficult to separate the legit from the fake? 

You depend on a doctor, of course! 

But that has itself become difficult to do as doctors these days are swamped with grueling work and barely have enough time for themselves. You understand that and you sympathize, but you also know that this fear and anxiety won’t really leave until you talk to a friendly doctor who can give you their expert knowledge and opinion. 

What if we could tell you that you could get a doctor’s advice and that she could ensure you get all the right information? 

Dr. Prajakta Solat has completed her MBBS, and recently finished her internship this February, right in the middle of the pandemic. She is now working as an Assistant Medical Officer at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, in the Covid-19 Ward.

This means that she is young and very well-versed with the current situation and the harmful effects of social media. She probably knows about all the wacky rumors spreading about this virus before they even reach you! 

Dr. Prajakta Solat

Easily book a 30-minute session with her to get information about the basics of this virus including questions you may not want to admit you still have such as:

  • What exactly is the Coronavirus?
  • What does the 19 in Covid-19 mean?
  • What are the official symptoms?
  • Are you more at risk due to any pre-existing conditions?
  • What precautions can you take other than following social distancing measures? 

Dr. Prajakta Solat can answer all these questions and more! You can also approach her as you would a GP, especially if you live in a red zone and do not have access to one due to the lockdown. She can help identify your symptoms, not just of Covid-19, but also of the milder everyday cold, cough, flu, or stress-induced fevers. Due to being a doctor, she can also prescribe you the right medicines should you require them. Her availability and ease of communication ensure that you can book a session for follow-ups as well. 

This is a difficult time and one that none of us knows how to handle. Tensions are running high and misinformation can be seriously damaging or even deadly. A time like this calls for a cool mind and reliance on official channels of communication. And who better than a doctor in Maharashtra, the state with the highest number of cases, and is on the front-line of the entire situation. 

While it is completely natural to be scared and also have a touch of hypochondria, we all need to come together and ensure that we only spread legitimate information. So we encourage you to get your friends and family to also sign up for these sessions so we can combat the spread of not just the virus, but also all the ‘hacks’ and conspiracy theories. 

Book your session now! 

Address Your Queries on Covid-19 and More with Dr. Prajakta Solat

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