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Pain and No Gain: Tips to Avoid Back and Neck Pain as WFH Becomes the New Normal

As millions of people across the world were forced to work from home (WFH) in a bid to try and stop the spread of Covid-19, the pros and cons of it are extensively discussed while people share their everyday lived experiences of being home and working. One unfortunate outcome of it has been people experiencing pains in different parts of their body, especially their back during long hours of forced WFH that is completely new for many and are still adapting to it. 

However, with Covid-19 showing no signs of slowing down, it has been argued that this present culture of WFH is here to stay. Therefore, a robust preparation and precautions are needed to be enshrined in our lifestyles to remain healthy and pain-free. 

The Challenge

Covid-19 has thoroughly shaken up the world in numerous ways. WFH and its many problems might not seem like the most exigent ones we face. But one must realize that even though we may not get Covid-19, the physical ramifications of incorrect ways of working from home can outlast the pandemic

The biggest challenge is that in absence of proper office-like setups, the ergonomic furniture arrangements of a modern-day workspace are almost impossible and prohibitively expensive to conjure up in your own home. In addition to that, home is not a place people are used to working for long hours. Keeping a posture discipline and being consistent in some form of physical activity can be an enduring challenge too. The result is, therefore, chronic back and neck pains that severely hamper one’s overall physical well-being and productivity. 

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As most of us cannot change the furniture or the set up of our workstations at home, we need to follow expert advice on how to mitigate the bodily ill-effects of working from home and consult one if some are already experiencing those excruciating pains. It might surprise many to know that following some appropriate posture habits and some simple exercises under expert guidance can completely make the WFH experience pain-free. 

Expert Help and advice

Dr. Jasleen K. Sharma, who is an award-winning physiotherapy practitioner, strikes a word of caution for people who might take it lightly. She says, ‘poor posture is the main cause of pain, and there are many who just ignore it. But that can lead to nerve compression and severe deformities later in life.’ 

She has some simple tips for its prevention. She suggests, ‘ergonomic correction is the key. The position of the laptop table and chair need to be at an angle that does not make you look down at the laptop. Shifting positions like standing up and walking while taking a call can be tried as well.’ 

She also adds as many are working from their phones too, ‘constantly looking down at the phone to text is a problem, and people need to keep their necks straight while they indulge in much higher screen time on their phones.’ 

incorrect postures while texting

But for many, it is perhaps a little too late to try these preventive exercises. For such people, Dr. Sharma can consult some simple exercises and hot/cold presses to cure these pains online on Spark.Live. Such therapies are easy, yet of paramount importance to maintain a healthy work-life from home. So if you are facing such issues, Dr. Sharma can help with her immense experience and knowledge. 

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  1. Thanks, Chowdhry for the timely post. For the past four months, I’ve been suffering from back pain as I work for long hours in my home. I must very soon order an ergonomic office chair to avoid worsening of my back pain. My physiotherapist friend suggested some simple stretch exercises to get rid of the strain developed in the back.

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