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Zumba At Home!

Social media feeds are filled with people who are making the most of this lockdown by learning all sorts of different skills. People are learning new languages, doing online courses, online volunteering, learning how to cook, baking banana bread, or finally getting round to regularly working out. And this entire thing can lead to major FOMO. 

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But no need to worry. We’ve got just the thing for you! 


You must have heard of Zumba. It is famous for its infectious music, high-energy classes, bright clothes, and ease of movement. While Zumba is a relatively new exercise fitness program, it has taken over the world – especially India – like little has. 

This is because Zumba, unlike most traditional exercise programs, is not limited to a single form of workout. It incorporates elements of Latin dance forms such as salsa, bachata, and merengue along with the intoxicating Spanish and reggaeton music. This completely novel music and way of movement, along with its simplicity and versatility, have led to the Zumba boom. Within the core Zumba moves, individual certified instructors can incorporate elements of HIIT, core training, and muscle toning, giving you a total workout for every part of your body. 

It is estimated that most people lose about 600 calories in a single Zumba session! Talk about value for money! Plus you enjoy new music in a language that is completely new to you. This is especially helpful if you are someone who gets distracted by the music and too involved in lip-syncing! 

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Meet the Expert

As every instructor is different and conducts their class differently, it is extremely important to choose one that is certified in different programs. One of the people you can choose for this is Namrata Jagtap, an instructor with over 12 years of experience. Other than Zumba, she is also trained in kickboxing and pilates. This means that her classes will focus on bodyweight training and flexibility exercises. 

Namrata holds 45-minute sessions and offers you strength and flexibility training. She also incorporates elements of kickboxing for enhanced hand-eye coordination, and keeps her classes fun and energetic so that you don’t even notice the time passing! Plus, she adds core and back strengthening exercises on the mat so that you get a complete workout and can show off your abs online! 

She is also certified in STRONG by Zumba, as well as Zumba HIIT so you can expect some serious strength work and training. We recommend keeping a napkin or towel nearby as HIIT can get you pretty sweaty! 

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Benefits of Working Out During a Pandemic

Exercise releases endorphins which helps elevate your mood and keeps those isolation depression days at bay. This is of particular importance during the current pandemic climate as everyone’s mental health has taken a massive hit and exercise is an easy way of ensuring you don’t get stuck in a rut, keep changing clothes, and taking showers every day. As Namrata is available every day, this gives you the flexibility to choose when you would prefer to have a session and how many times per week. 

During a time of crisis, it is important to stick to a schedule and do things that make you happy and provide results. Exercise is a long-term goal but with many short-term rewards as well. Once you get hooked on to the endorphins, it’s hard to quit, and this may be one of the only things where not quitting would be considered a good thing! 

With expert instruction, a fun learning atmosphere, and an instructor who knows what she’s doing, Namrata is a safe bet when it comes to choosing a fitness instructor. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your session now! 

Zumba with Namrata Jagtap

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