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How Does A Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Approach Help A Relationship

Troubles in the romantic sphere are a tale as old as time! From the classic Romeo and Juliet to the struggles of modern relationships with its own set of social media rules and options, it can seem like navigating one is a futile mission. 

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems 

However, it is important to remember that relationships are essentially people coming together and deciding to be in each other’s lives. This may seem like a gross simplification, but in these trying times maybe we need simple solutions. 

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

Bill Mollison

Another simple way to improve your relationship is to look within yourself and look critically, yet sympathetically, at what you bring to the table, good and bad. When you understand yourself and the things that motivate you and your triggers, you will become more receptive to your partner and their problems. This will help you come together as a unit and think of a relationship as a joint effort. 

The Holistic Approach 

One of the best ways to understand yourself is through a holistic approach. This involves looking deeply into your physical actions, habits, and reactions, as well as your emotional and psychological health. All of this has a direct effect on your spirit and helps you become a well-rounded and enlightened individual. The reason you need to focus on all these different areas is that they all overlap and are incredibly entwined with each other. You will often find that addressing one part will automatically lead to a positive effect on others. 

But this isn’t easy. And that’s good! Sometimes we need to be put off-balance to find our way. You must have heard the age-old saying that you can never grow in a comfortable environment. 

You can never grow in a comfortable environment. 

Well, this is exactly that. Taking a holistic approach is challenging and that is precisely what you need to become a self-actualized human being. This is a path of self-care, not the Instagram-worthy idea of bubble baths and takeout, but one of asking yourself difficult questions, facing your traumas, addressing your faults, and staying consistent even, and especially when it’s hard. 

Does Any of This Sound Familiar? 

This is the same thing we do in romantic relationships. Except we often only do this work with a partner nearby and sometimes expect them to do this work for us! 

No one can know you the way you know yourself. You are your best and oldest friend, the one constant in your life. So, it makes sense that this journey is something you may have to go on by yourself. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to push everyone in your life away. In fact, it helps to have a strong support system that understands you, and yes this could be a partner, but it could also be friends and family.

There is no single definition for the word “relationship” just the same way there is no single word or line that could ever define you. 

And while that may intimidate you in the beginning, you will soon see that it actually sets you free. It allows you to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

Treat Yo’ Self! 

As a person who is intimately connected with not just the people around you but also the objects around you, the holistic approach also asks you to think about your place in the universe and in reaction to things around you. Always remember that everything around you is made of carbon and stardust and brimming with life, even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. 

When you understand this relationship between yourself and the cosmos, it becomes easy to connect with your inner self. Healing your inner child becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. When you take care of yourself, in every way possible, you radiate positive energy which immediately draws people to you. It will also help your partner go on their own journey, hopefully with your hand in theirs. 

As mentioned earlier, this approach is all about consistency. It’s not a one-stop solution. When you take care of yourself every day and treat yourself well, you feel better. And when you feel better, you treat others better and create a ripple effect. 

But Where & How to Begin? 

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