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Make Your Mental Health A Priority

Modern life is not without its trappings. Whether the issues stem from interpersonal relationships – your family, friends, or your partner – from your career, or even society in general. The average person has to wade through multiple minefields to live a life of dignity and respect. Thus, it is no surprise that a lot of people suffer from clinical levels of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even trauma and grief. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about mental health issues is that one needs to experience a ‘traumatic’ event to suffer from them. However, the definition of traumatic events differ from person to person and is highly dependent on multiple other factors such as their past experiences, their physical health, and the support structure around them. Something that may seem inconsequential to one person can be a defining event for someone else. Everyone’s threshold for stress is different, and so everyone’s reaction to said stress is also different. 

Mental Health and the Pandemic

A great example of this is the reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Since the lockdown began, many people have noticed a massive toll on their mental health. People have been reporting high levels of depression, anxiety, loneliness, grief, trauma, sleep disturbance, disordered eating, and a constant feeling of exhaustion and lethargy. On the other hand, some people have been focused on making this lockdown as productive as possible by learning new skills such as a new language, a new instrument, and learning how to bake and cook. Some people are also using this time to catch up on their reading and even getting into shape with a regular workout routine. 

All of these reactions are completely normal. It is also normal to vary between all these different courses of action. 

However, for people who are suffering from a decline in their mental health, it may often seem difficult to open up to your loved ones. This may stem from a fear of being judged or misunderstood or even a feeling that your struggle pales in comparison to others. This is, in fact, one of the most common statements said during therapy. 

As a society, we are changing the way we approach mental health issues and the dialogue surrounding them. One such way is by normalizing approaching therapists and counselors for issues that may not seem urgent to you but are negatively impacting your quality of life. 

Consult an Expert

Dr. Hema Sampath is one such counselor who understands the various hangups related to people accessing mental health resources in India. With over 15 years of experience, she has helped many people find peace, happiness, and security. With a gentle approach, her idea is to aid people’s recovery, and more importantly, provide them with a safe space where they can open up about their thoughts and emotions. This safe space is an integral part of any therapy session. It allows you to disclose your innermost thoughts and feelings to the therapist with an assurance of strict confidentiality and a lack of judgment. 

Dr. Hema is committed to helping you achieve your goals – whether they may be finally getting the courage to apply or your dream job, cutting out a toxic relationship from your life, or allowing yourself to feel your emotions without reproach. Some goals may seem loftier than others, but they are all equally important. 

Therapy is aimed at improving your life by helping you voice your concerns, provide you with accurate terminology, and provide you with the necessary coping strategies should you ever face similar situations again. A key part of therapy is that you can always come back to it needed – the doors to a therapist are always open. 

So take that first step and book your session with Dr. Hema Sampath today!

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