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Look for a healthy kickstart to the day? Then skip these foods for breakfast

A heavy breakfast is not for everyone—despite what your friends may tell you. Some people feel much better if they skip breakfast or have a very light one. 

Also, eating an unhealthy breakfast is far worse than having a healthy one. A healthy breakfast should include healthy fat, fibre and protein and give you enough energy for the many activities that you do during the day. However, a sugary or carb-heavy breakfast can make you feel slow and tired, and lead to weight gain.

So which are the foods to avoid?

  1. Flour noodles or poori-aloo: No matter how much you love your noodles or pooris, these are a must avoid if you want to stay lean and fit. White flour sits in your tummy and is difficult to digest. And it has little nutritional value. Instead, opt for the wheat or buckwheat options—once you get used to the taste of wheat noodles, trust me, you won’t go back to flour. Aloo ki sabzi can be replaced by mixed vegetables—it will go well with your wheat pooris.
  • Breakfast cereals: Breakfast cereals are not to be trusted. The label may say, ‘multigrain’, or it may scream, ‘good source of iron’. Do not believe it. Instead, if you really want iron, opt for bananas. And add a fistful of almonds to it. The energy you get after consuming bananas is phenomenal—ask any gym instructor. You can make an omelette of two egg whites and two pieces of brown bread and, along with your banana and almonds, it will make a perfect healthy breakfast.
  • Pancakes and muffins:Both pancakes and muffins are made of refined flour, eggs and high doses of sugar. Remember, sugar is responsible for insulin resistance and obesity. Instead, go for an assorted bunch of fruit topped with maple syrup or honey. The carb in the fruit will give you enough energy for the day. Some sautéed vegetables alongside can add that dash of taste to a fruit-only meal.
  • Fruit juice: Fruit juice is one of the most popular breakfast drinks—and is literally the worst food choice you can make. It is full of sugar or corn syrup, and most packaged juices have very little actual fruit pulp in them. So unless you want to catch type 2 diabetes, stick to fruit juice you make at home. Juicers are really cheap and available easily in the market. Alternatively, you can try carrot or beetroot juice, and throw in some oranges in it.
  • Sausages and salamis: Guys, they are carcinogenic. Sausages and salamis are full of chemicals, such as nitrites and nitrates, which can convert to cancer-causing components in the body. They are also bad for your heart. If you are a fan of meat for that protein kick first thing in the morning, go for a grilled chicken sandwich with a generous dose of veggies stuffed inside.

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