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Speak Up and Get Your Voice Heard

Do you remember being in school and envious of the handful of people who debated on stage and went for all the competitions and did so without overthinking? Do you remember wishing you would give anything to feel that way for just a second? 

This is because a good orator is a person everyone listens and pays attention to, even if they have nothing important to say! This is because voice modulation, the ability to know when to pause, and allowing yourself to pause are important skills to have but difficult to learn. Knowing how to command a group of people with authority and confidence is a skill that is still highly valued. Anyone with any career ambitions knows that to reach the heights they long for, they will at some point have to show leadership qualities and that includes public speaking and communicating your point effectively.

Why is it that every time we watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, that small kid tearfully asks “tussi ja rahe ho?” that we all burst into tears no matter how many times we have seen the movie? What makes Amitabh Bachchan so powerful on KBC? What makes Morgan Freeman so soothing to listen to? 

Did you know that before Amitabh Bachchan became the powerhouse and legend that he is, he applied to the All India Radio but was rejected for the same baritone voice we all fawn over? Yes, this is true! Feel free to Google and verify this! 

This shows us that knowing how to command someone with your voice is a learning process, and that if Amitabh Bachchan can take that rejection and then become famous for his voice, then why can’t we? After all, his voice is a case study in itself. Ninad Kamat, a legend in the advertising world noted how Mr. Bachchan’s voice changed over time as it is noticeably deeper in Laawaris as compared to Sholay. Despite this, “Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti” remains one of the most famous and repeated dialogues in Bollywood history. This shows us that firstly, there is always room for improvement, and secondly, you can leave a mark on people even when you are not at your personal best. 

So who better to teach you how to command a group simply through your voice than a former RJ for Radio Mirchi! With an impressive repertoire as an RJ, a voice-over actor, and a TV anchor, Junaid Khan is the man known for his beautiful voice. 

With his expertise and experience in a variety of different industries, Junaid will help coach you through some of the fundamentals of addressing a group. From speaking with confidence to learning how to modulate your tone and pitch, to even how to align your body language for the perfect effect, you will learn it all from the maestro himself! 

Learning how to effectively command a crowd is a skill, and while some people may naturally be better at it than others, it is, after all, a skill, and every skill can be learned. So even if you think this session isn’t for you and you won’t see any major changes quickly, remember the story of Mr. Bachchan. You don’t get to the status of a legend in a day, but it definitely helps to have the right guidance and tips. 

The skillset Junaid will provide you is not just for people who aspire to become known for their voice, but also for anyone who will ever need to make a good impression on anyone. And that virtually includes everyone on this planet. Whether you are an activist, a theatre performer, an entrepreneur, or someone who wants to learn how to be better at interviews, this session will help you get on the right track. 

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How to Use Your Voice Effectively with Junaid Khan

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