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Learn New Skills During The Lockdown

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There is no doubt that this pandemic has changed the way everyone lives. It has not only brought economic activity to a standstill but also physical activity! 

While the lockdown has lifted in some areas, this is mostly for places of work and study. This leaves a major gap in people’s lives, especially when it comes to learning different skills, engaging in hobbies, and doing something that they love. 

So what is a person to do when their favorite classes are still closed but the stress regarding the virus keeps on climbing? 

You turn to online sources! 

This is the 21st century, so most of us are used to spending the majority of our time online and glued to screens. You are even reading this article on a device! So why not take advantage of this time and learn a skill you’ve always wanted to but never quite had the time to? 

Spark.Live features multiple experts spread across various categories. Our experts specialize in teaching and instructing, and can help you make this lockdown into a pop-and-lockdown! 


Indian girl singing into mic

The best part about singing? It doesn’t require you to purchase any extra equipment! All you need is your voice, your enthusiasm, and in this case, an internet connection. 

Our experts are not simply certified in singing, but they also have vast industry experience. This means they know how to customize lessons according to different people and their individual needs and wants. They can guide on the basics of singing techniques, as well as the physical aspects of it, such as breathing techniques, proper posture and alignment, and increasing your lung capacity. 

Singing also has a myriad of health benefits; it relieves stress as you get to vocalize your issues and problems. Additionally, singing releases neurotransmitters and endorphins, making you feel lighter and more relaxed. This, in turn, has a positive impact on your social well-being and contact with others. 

Musical Instruments 

Man playing acoustic guitar and learning from online class on laptop

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar but never actually followed through on it! 

This can be true for many, many instruments. Just like singing, simply hearing music can reduce stress levels and improve your general well-being. With experts who teach everything from the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar to the keyboard and the piano, we’ve got you covered! 

With personalized sessions that go according to your pace, you never have to worry about falling behind the rest of the class because the class is only you! This sort of individual attention would be very expensive, but here at Spark.Live, we aspire to provide you with the best at the most affordable rates. 

So, go on and make your musical dreams come true! 

Creative Writing 

woman with laptop and notebook learning creative writing

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or columns for a magazine or a newspaper? How about becoming a freelance writer and blogger? 

Creative writing has taken over the world, and with the reliance on the Internet and its vast research base, it has become easier than ever to succeed in this field. However, it helps to have some expert guidance on the same. 

Anwesha Mittra is a published author and journalist who has worked for big-names such as The Times of India, Sunday Times, and She can assist you regarding how to write, how to get yourself published, how to submit a manuscript as well as the difference between writing books and writing for newspapers and magazines. 


woman dancing in white

Dancing is one of the oldest art forms in the world. Even before we knew how to speak, humans used to tell stories through dance and pass on important messages through this medium. It has the distinct privilege of being able to transcend language and education barriers, and touch the souls of all who take part in it – either as a viewer, a choreographer, or a dancer. 

As such, there are many different forms of dance. We have experts who will teach you the Indian classical dance, Bharatnatyam, as well as experts who will teach you some more laid-back forms such as Bollywood, Western, Fusion, and even Folk Dances such as Bhangra and Garba! 

You can even combine this love for dance with a workout by taking a Zumba session with our expert, Namrata Jagtap


young Indian man smiling while taking a picture

In the age of Instagram and heart-reacts, photos have become the new way to tell stories. But taking the right picture can be tough, especially if you are new to the art form and don’t know some of the basics. 

To help you with the same, we’ve got experts such as Bosco Naveen and Sheldon Rodrigues, who are both renowned photographers with diverse portfolios. They can guide you regarding the basics of photography, how to start your own photography business, and even coach you through the fundamentals of different kinds of photography such as corporate shoots, fashion, landscape, nature, architecture, and wedding photography.


learn cooking- Indian woman cooking

Knowing how to cook is a basic life skill but one that most of us find ill-equipped for. We often move out of our parent’s home for university or a job, but end up relying heavily on cheap takeout and junk food. 

Well, no more! 

With our experts ready to teach you in your own language, cooking has been made easy! They can teach you everything from basic recipes used for daily cooking, as well as more complex ones for entertaining guests and parties! 

Next time your parents visit, treat them to a meal that looks and tastes so delicious that they chide you for ordering again, just so you can take them to the kitchen and show them the effort put into it. We can guarantee they will love this surprise! 


Woman practicing calligraphy

They say you can figure out a lot about a person from their handwriting. In fact, until recently, handwriting analysis was a forensic science often used in court cases for indictments. 

Having beautiful handwriting may seem inconsequential and outdated to many people these days, but it is still an important skill to learn. We are often asked to fill all sorts of forms and still make inferences about a person based on their handwriting. Beautiful, legible handwriting is considered good and professional, whereas illegible handwriting instantly turns people off – unless you’re a doctor! provides handwriting workshops for this exact reason. They understand that the slant of your writing, the spaces between letters, etc., can tell a lot about negative emotions and stress accumulated inside you. Improving your handwriting is a therapeutic way of letting go of resentments and showcasing a new you to the world. 

Sewing and Embroidery 

Indian woman sewing with machine

Given how much attention we all pay to our appearances and spend money on fast fashion, you would imagine that everyone knows how to sew a button or mend a tear – but most people don’t. These essential life skills are often sacrificed for fancy ones that can go on a resume, which means we end up spending money on basic services we can do ourselves! 

Do you know that it is exceedingly easy to make your clothes? It is not all that time-consuming, and it is cheaper than buying new ones! So, why not learn how to sew and embroider your clothes so that you can finally afford to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to? 

Our experts provide sewing and embroidering classes that will help you sew your clothes in a variety of styles, as well as embroider them for that personal touch unique to you! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a session with our experts in your own language and start learning important skills now!

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