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Makeup Has Never Been So Easy!

You must have seen videos of makeup gurus on YouTube where they transform themselves in a few minutes. It is nothing short of amazing what they are able to do with some powder, liquid, and a brush! 

What we don’t see is the hours they spent trying different products and techniques to figure out what was best for them. The hours spent in drugstores trying on different shades of foundation over and over again to find their shade. The palms filled with lipstick swatches that they take outside the store to see in natural light. All the hours spent trying to nail that cat-eye and those beautiful eyeshadow combinations. 

However, not everyone wants to do that, or has the resources for it. Especially given the current pandemic, spending hours anywhere but at home is a dream.

So why not take this time when you don’t have any obligations, where no one is going to see you, to experiment and get better at your beauty routine?

Makeup has the power to enhance your appearance so that you feel more confident. A good red lipstick has the power to change the world – just ask Taylor Swift who has turned her red lips and cat-eye into her signature look!

Taylor Swift

The perfect makeup look can turn you from blah to a sultry goddess! Just a simple 5-minute routine can be enough to make you look awake on days you’re just not feeling it. Taking it all off at night can feel like a holy ritual where you are officially taking off your mask for the day.

Going back to makeup gurus, raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a beauty or makeup product because one of these YouTube makeup gurus recommended it.

So you probably already have a personal drugstore in your room which is just sitting there. Now all you need is a professional who can give you expert advice on how to use it all and what to buy in the future according to your skin tone and type.

This is where our expert Fouziya Shaikh comes in. With sessions that last 45-60 minutes, she can transform the way you look!

Meet the Expert

The founder of Makeup by Fouziya Shaikh and based in Mumbai, she is a professional makeup artist who believes in creating timeless looks. Mostly dealing with bridal makeup, she understands that each person is different and will, therefore, require a different look and different products. 

This experience comes in handy, as during your session, she can give you tips and tricks to smoothen and streamline your makeup routine. With styling and grooming tips, Fouziya understands that makeup is not the be-all and end-all of beauty, and you will find yourself giggling while styling your hair. 

Woman putting on mascara

Furthermore, due to her experience, she can also recommend products and brands appropriate for you according to your skin tone, undertone, skin type, and budget. Never again spend hours on websites trying to figure out what your ideal foundation shade is, or get buckled down due to the eagerness and pressure from the experts behind the kiosks. No more getting stuck with a lipstick you don’t even really like, or a foundation that is at least 3 shades lighter than your actual skin tone!

Armed with all this knowledge, you will finally be able to watch makeup videos and actually understand what they’re talking about! After you learn the basics of blending, you will soon wonder how you ever stepped out without makeup!

With a passion for makeup and beauty, Fouziya will provide you with individual and customized beauty routines you will be thankful for long after the session is over!

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