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How to Boost Your Immunity During Covid-19 with Your Diet

The Covid-19 pandemic has lead to a surge in fear and uncertainty regarding the future and the present. People, now more than ever, are aware of the danger presented through casual contact with others and the importance of hygiene and hand-washing. This leads to a natural question of whether it’s possible to increase or boost your immunity while sitting at home.

Firstly, What is Immunity? 

Immunity is the state of being resistant to a particular disease, infection, bacteria, or virus. 

This immunity can either be natural or acquired. For instance, vaccines provide acquired immunity towards harmful infections whereas previous chickenpox infection provides natural immunity from future chickenpox infections. 

Immunity also refers to the cell’s ability to react immunologically in the presence of an antigen. 

Can You Increase Your Immunity? 

No, but immunity can be boosted through a healthy diet and regular exercise

While we all know that Vitamin C rich foods are great for building up immunity towards common colds, it is important to intake a diet that is rich in various minerals and nutrients. 

Thus, it is important to ensure that your diet consists of:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Healthy fats
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Folic acid
  • Iron
  • Zinc 

What Foods Should You Eat? 

The following foods should be included in your daily diet for a nutritious meal:

  • Chicken 
  • Fish 
  • Egg 
  • Daal 
  • Paneer 
  • Roti 
  • Bread 
  • Oil 
  • Ghee 
  • Milk and milk products 
  • Green, leafy vegetables 
  • Fruits 
  • Spices (eg. turmeric, coriander seeds, cardamom, cumin seeds)
  • Herbs (eg. tulsi leaf, neem leaf) 
  • Honey 

You should also take care to control your sugar and salt intake. Additionally, you must attempt to control or remove junk foods. 

Ensure that you do not mix lemon in hot water as the hot water will destroy the Vitamin C of the lemon. Another good and rich source of Vitamin C is amla or Indian gooseberry. 

These foods will also ensure that you do not suffer from any vitamin, mineral, or nutritional deficiency, thus boosting your immunity. 

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