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How do you know you are in love?

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Ever since the emergence of human civilization, there has been one major question that poets and philosophers have been dealing with and that is- what is love. Honestly, it is very difficult to explain what love is and what being in love means. Love is both universal and subjective, everybody feels it but the definition of ‘love’ differs from person to person.

Going deeper, there is a more complex question to be answered than what is love, and that is -how do you know you are in love? Love is not like an on-and-off switch that one would clearly know whether they are in love or not. However, there are few factors that might help you decide better whether you are in love or not:

Comfort level

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The first factor that you ought to consider is, whether you feel comfortable with the person you are in love with. If you feel that the person you spend time with makes you want to open up to them and tell them everything that you would otherwise hide from everyone else, then you must be in love. Bear in mind, love is more than mere attraction or attachment.


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The next thing you should consider is trust. In terms of human relationships in general, and about romantic relationships in particular, trust is a very significant aspect between two individual who are in love. Trust in a romantic relationship leads to a positive experience, where communication and transparency plays a prominent role in averting disputes and preventing the growth of doubts and suspicions between you and the person you are in love with.


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Most importantly, you have to consider if you both actually care for each other. If both of you care for each other and look towards a future together, then that is another indication of you being in love.

Hence, if you are certain about these three factors, then you could certainly be in love!

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