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Have you recently broken up but still in love with your ex? Here are 5 ways to cope

Break up

It is difficult to mend a broken heart after a person has gone through a breakup. We often get depressed, sad and think about our past. Thinking too much might lower our self-confidence. It might feel like your whole world is caving in. In many cases people avoid sharing or talking about such situations, which leads to unwanted side effects, including, but not limited to, greater internal conflict, complicated emotional responses, withdrawal, and difficulty in future relationships. You will grieve about the situation; but it is absolutely fine. It’s time to dust off the sadness, and make a plan to move on. Going out on a vacation or starting something of your own can be a start. In this article, we will discuss 5 ways to cope up with yourself after your recent breakup.

Let go of the feelings

It is one of the most difficult things to do, but once this is done other things fall in place for sure. The first step is to stop avoiding and suppressing your feelings. We often avoid our feelings in many ways such as by binge-watching television, eating, sex, alcohol, drugs, and telling people, ‘Everything is fine’ when we’re actually a hot mess. Channel your feelings in the right direction, accept the fact that it is alright to think about your ex. Deviate your energy in some other direction. Do things you love. In relationships, we lose ourselves. Add new routine to your life such as going to a dance class, join a gym or write a book you have been putting off.

Stop contacting your ex

This point actually helps a lot to get over your partner, if you still have feelings for them. Many people think being friends is alright after a breakup which mostly doesn’t work out. Being in contact with your ex is not a sign of maturity; knowing how to take care of yourself is. The idea of completely letting go feels quite overwhelming, hence it is easier to be friends with an ex as a way to keep the possibility of a relationship alive. Being just friends is possible only if you have genuinely healed through your past, which takes time.

Believe in yourself and let go off the self-doubt

Get the idea of soulmate out of your mind. The idea of having a soulmate will only make you worried about the fact that you might not get someone who loves you the same again. This will only limit your belief and limiting beliefs are meant to be overcome. According to doctors some practices such as mindfulness, self-love actually helps in increasing your self-confidence which brings back your lost belief. To manage the unpleasant sensations, thoughts, and feelings, try practicing deep breathing, body scans, meditation, and other mindful activities. Allowing things to flow freely, without trying to control, stop, avoid, or manipulate them, will make them less powerful, loosens their grip on you, and gives you the confidence and skill you need to act in the face of them. Give yourself the chance to unleash your inner Glinda the Good Witch and tell them, “You have no power here! Begone.”

Introspect yourself and make peace with the past

We need to learn to make peace with ourselves, what has happened in the past will happen again if you do not understand and focus on the specific events that occurred. It is our human nature to make choices intending to make ourselves feel better and don’t act with the intention of hurting another person. We can improve on this by sometimes seeing the other person’s perspective which can help you better understand the event and making them less personal. Mostly after a fight with our partner we find ourselves stewing with anger over something that another person did, try to pull back and remember the good qualities that you saw in that person. This perspective will help you realize the reasons for the breakup and you will feel good about the situation since now you are seeing the big picture.

Love yourself

There are chances that you lost a piece of yourself in the relationship. Now is your chance to find yourself again and this can be fun. This is one of the positives to your break up, hence embrace it.

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