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Glowing skin? Sleep, rather than having sex

sleep and skin

Who doesn’t want beautiful, smooth, supple skin that will feel like satin to the touch? Glowing skin is not just an indicator of beauty, it is also a sign of good health and general well-being. So it is not surprising that people are obsessed with how their skin looks. And good sex—se.x that improves blood circulation and pumps oxygen to the skin—makes it brighter. It eliminates toxins and you end up having clearer-looking skin and luscious hair. Sex also boosts collagen production, which can delay age spots and sagging.

But there is something that is more effective than sex when it comes to younger looking skin. And you do not need a romantic partner for it–you can do it on your own, effortlessly. It is sleep!

While growing up, most of us would have been scolded by our parents for our desire to sleep too much. We would have heard, ‘You are always sleeping!’ or, ‘Study more, don’t waste so much time sleeping!’, and so on. And we would feel exactly the opposite—that nothing rejuvenated us more than sleep. And our instincts were right!

This old instinct of ours has now been corroborated by modern research, which says that sleep is crucial to be intelligent, productive and creative. You can’t skimp on sleep and still be smart that is.

What are the reasons for this?

  1. Our bodies are like machines—they need time to recharge and repair themselves. That time is sleep.
  2. During our everyday routines, our brain produces a chemical called Beta Amyloid, which is toxic for us. This chemical has been linked to a number of brain-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and so on. It is only when one sleeps that the brain gets a chance to flush out this toxin.
  3. As our body gets repaired, our skin gets repaired too. So we wake up healthier and look younger and more sprightly. It is no wonder that they call it ‘beauty sleep’!
  4. During sleep the brain wrestles with problems one faces during the day. Have you heard the term, ‘Let me sleep over it’? Often, you come up with a smarter solution to the same problem after a good night’s rest.

So it is important to remember that one should never take sleep for granted. We imagine that if we sleep less and work more, we will get more done. But that is a misconception. Sleep refreshes the mind and body. The body repairs damaged cells and tissues, dead skin cells are removed and new cells are generated, which are able to transport fresh oxygen to the skin, thereby leading to a fresh, glowing face.

So don’t wait to look gorgeous!

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