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Does your fashion sense determine if you are worthy of a date?

You can have anyone in life—if you dress for it.

Every piece of clothing that you wear tells something about you, who you are, what you want to be. You breathe life into the clothes you wear—they take on your character. 

So who do you want to be today? Do you want to be the innocent girl who blushes at the sight of a first crush, or do you want to be the sensuous siren who takes the party by storm? Do you want to be the sweet guy next door in a cutting edge tee, or the cool distant dude in a pair of chequered trousers? Whatever it is you prefer, it is important to add a spark of romance to your everyday clothes.

Clothes do not maketh a man, or woman. But they definitely add a dash of sex appeal that no one can deny. And when you want to woo the other gender, this can be your biggest weapon. So how do clothes subconsciously influence dating choices?

  1. Your well put together outfit is a sign of confidence. It says that you have thought through your clothing choices and know what image to project to the world. Clothes are language—they create the first impression before you have uttered a sentence.
  2. Your pedicured nails scream good hygiene and the fact that you take care of yourself. It implies you are organized about your life and pay attention to minute details. 
  3. Your curvy dress or tailored shirt is a sign that you are aware of yourself as a sexual being, that you want to look attractive to others—and there’s nothing that is a bigger turn on. 
  4. The ability to look stylish assures the other person that you are going to be great army candy if they walk into a party with you. Remember, desire depends on other people’s approval, so if your girl thinks that her friends are going to be jealous if they see you with her, you can be assured she will drool all over you.
  5. Finally, a fine taste is a sign of aesthetic sense and good breeding. It speaks culture and class, and sends subconscious signals to the other person that you are ahead of the race when it comes to mating choices.

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