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6 biggest fashion mistakes every woman should avoid

We love looking into the mirror every morning, admiring—or criticizing—the curve of our waist under the white top we bought in haste or the shape of our ankles jutting out under the denims that look more torn than distressed. It is a ritual, for most of us, to buy clothes online then return them at the slightest hint of an ill fit. But what to do? The imaginary fashion police in our heads is always on the watch out for a slip of the bra or a miss of the nail polish. Can you blame us? Of course not. Blame all the gorgeous beauties on Instagram who have raised the bar to incredibly high standards. 

So in the midst of all the fashion trends that fill our minds with utter chaos, what are the sartorial mistakes to watch out against? Read on.

  1. Do not mix more than ideally three colours in your entire outfit—or you will end up looking like a school girl. If your top is colourful, match it with an understated single tone trousers or skirt, or vice versa. Or, you can choose to wear a neutral palette dress with a pair of bright flowery heels. Accessories should be in plain colours if your dress is a cheery one. Too many colours or designs clash with each other and, trust me, you don’t want to look like a table cloth when you walk into the office.
  2. Do not shut your eyes to what you see in the mirror and expect ultra tight clothes to fit you like a charm. It never works. Some clothes should hug your form, yes, but not be pasted to you so much that your bulges or panty lines show. That is a serious fashion faux pas and makes you look aspirational, like you have no idea how your body looks under scrutiny.
  3. The right bra can make or break you. Too tight or loose or ill-fitting bras can spoil the way your top or kurta drapes you and make you look older and uncomplimentary no matter how stylish your outfit is. Sag is out. Go to a store and figure out your right size in the fitting room, even if you have to try on twenty bras and five different cup sizes for it.
  4. The perfect shoe is a mix of style and comfort. Shoes define your silhouette and your posture more than any piece of clothing can. Walking around in very high heels will kill your toes and destroy your knees, but that does not mean you have to lounge around in flip flops all day. Choose colourful flats or pumps for daily use including the gladiators and the mules, and keep the fancy ones for party nights only. 
  5. Make sure you wear colours that compliment your skin tone. If you are fair, peaches and nudes will look good on you in the daytime, and darker hues at night. If you are wheatish, avoid yellows and pinks, and stick to reds and blues instead. Needless to say, white and black look good on all skin tones. Of course, one can always experiment, but remember, the rule of the thumb is to check the ambient light you are going to be in and see how your skin reflects the shades of the attire you are wearing.

6. Ethnic and Western wear should be mixed and matched with each other carefully, or your fusion look can become a fashion disaster. Tank tops go well with long skirts, kurtas look dashing with torn jeans, shirts and saris can be paired to look glamorous. However, avoid those big flouncy long robes cum dresses 

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