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5 simple ways to combat depression

Not every day can be a happy one. It is normal to feel sad or low sometimes—it’s a human condition. But if you feel that you are constantly in the throes of melancholia, or do not have the energy to get up in the morning, or are too disengaged from everything and everyone around you, here are some tips to combat that.

Do not stay alone in a corner: If you are feeling really low, chances are you are feeling pretty alone as well. Retreating into a corner and staying huddled in your bedroom seems like the natural impulse at that moment—you don’t want to meet anybody, no one’s worth talking to. But, hear me out: pick up the phone and reach out to one friend or relative. Even if that person does not understand you fully, it is useful to talk because you can let the words out of yourself and that’s a good way to start to heal.

Try to find a passion or hobby you connect with: A big reason people feel low is when they feel disconnected from the world or people around them. You could be starting out in a new city with no friends to spend the evenings with, or you might be an introvert forced to attend a beach party. Or, you could be in a job you find unexciting. Whatever the cause, it is essential to find something you like doing and believe in. It could be learning a new language or joining a club of like-minded people—or even keeping a pet.  

Eat anti-depressant foods: Foods rich in vitamins D, B12, C, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium and melatonin can help combat the blues. You can try leafy greens like spinach, onion, fatty fish, raw nuts, olive oil, a probiotic like yoghurt, chamomile and lavender tea, and turmeric to help you through rough patches. 

Yoga and meditation: Pranayama is one of the best breathing techniques to rejuvenate the body. Coupled with yoga asanas like sethu bandhasana, balasana and halasana, it can completely change the state of your mind. You can try the asanas first thing in the morning and end your day with fifteen minutes of meditation.

Cut out negative people from your life: We all have some people, relatives or lovers, in our lives who are too critical, always dissatisfied with what we do. If you try to live up to their expectations, you will always fail. So it is best to stay away from them as much as possible—and you will instantly start feeling a difference in your energy level.

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