Host Live Online Virtual Event To A Global Audience.

Spark.Live Events Platform allows your organization to host custom-branded online events. Offer paid registrations and collect payments. Engage through VOD (video on demand) and livestream sessions to registered users. Connect through chat, comments and other social features.

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Easily Host Global Online Events

Spark.Live integrates everything you need to host your own online live event. We offer video hosting and delivery, marketing tools and services, and allow you to easily collect payments from thousands of paying users.

Host VOD or Go LIVE! to your Audiences

Our platform allows you to host both VOD (video on demand) and livestream content, that goes live according to your event schedule.

Monetize by Access to Registered Users

Provide exclusive access only to Users who have paid for your event, and monetize your event easily through our platform.

Integrated Messaging and Chatroom Features on Live and VOD content

Allow Users to Chat and Interact

Engage your Users and enable them to connect with each other during the event through Chat and other interactive features.

Collect payments through various payment methods

Collect Payments Straight To Your Bank

Enable paid registrations for your event through various payment methods, for both domestic and international payments.

Join Other Businesses and Offer Live Workshops and Consultations
to a Global Audience

Thousands of Expert Professionals from a range of categories are offering consultations and classes on Spark.Live platform.
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Collect Payments From Domestic and International Customers Easily. Get Money Straight To Bank.

Spark.Live has partnered with some of the most reputed payment gateways in India. Our platform ensures that your customers and our users are able to pay through UPI, Google Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card and more in a highly secure way.

Our payment gateway partners include Razorpay, Payu Money, Cashfree and Paypal, allowing you to collect payments from clients in India and abroad.

Control Your Online Event

Spark.Live Events platform integrates livestreaming, video-on-demand, scheduling, messaging and chatting and integrated helpdesk. The best part is, you remain in control of your audience data, and can access it anytime you want.

Offer Paid Registrations

Spark.Live has partnered with leading domestic and international payment gateways to ensure that you can offer paid registrations to audiences from across the world.

Premier Videos or Host Live Events

Attendees of the event can watch premiering videos according to the event schedule, or join live interactive sessions with speakers. You can mix and match, and even organize events into multiple virtual rooms or tracks.

Your Data Remains Yours

You can easily download the list of registered users any time you want, with all the details they submitted. This allows you to stay in control of your audiences and build on it.

Engage Users Through Social Interactions

Users can interact with each other, and with the organizers throughout the event, using chat, messaging, and integrated help/support platform.