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Get admission into universities, with help from Saurabh Nanda

Applications Guidance for University Admission

Consult Saurabh Nanda, who has helped hundreds of students across a decade and helped them enter the university of their choice with a 95% success rate. He guarantees admission to your safety schools and will try his absolute best to get you into your dream school. His mentees have been placed in many top schools in India and abroad.

By Saurabh Nanda, Celebrated Career Consultant

Get Pyschometric Test for Planning Your Career from Nikita Kukkar

Psychometric Test Evaluation for the Ideal Career Path

A psychometric test can help you figure out which industries are a good fit for you, where you may excel, and where you may get the most work satisfaction. Based on this profile, Nikita Kukkar — who has many years of experience in the field — can create a list of professions most suitable for you. Psychometric tests are often undertaken by companies to judge an applicant’s suitability for a role.

by Nikita Kukkar, Career Counselor and Coach

Motivation from Sameer Narad

You Can Win if You Change Your Mindset

An easy-to-do, practical session on the mindset for success. A one-on-one consultation with motivational speaker and mind power expert Sameer Narad will help you discover your goals and give you a new direction in life. You will develop a sense of purpose, and unearth success secrets you have never heard of before.

by Sameer Narad, Career Counselor

Learn English from Mohammed Kashif

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Spoken English Classes

Expertise in English is almost expected everywhere these days, and it is nearly impossible to find a job without some fluency in the language. English can open doors to opportunities that you would never have without it. It can help you access better jobs in any part of the world, definitely open up a whole new universe of university education, enable you to network better and, in general, give you more exposure to cultures, books, cinema and conversations internationally.

by Mohammed Kashif, English Instructor and Founder of ‘Dear Sir’

Consult Saurabh Nanda Career Consultant

Career Counseling, Stream Selection, and University Selection for High School Students

Saurabh Nanda has years of experience helping students discover the career path that best works for them. He will ask you questions about your interests, gauge your educational background, and suggest choices that both you and your parents will love. He will help you with selecting the stream that works best for you: Science, Humanities or Commerce, as well as advise you on which subjects to pursue under each stream.

by Saurabh Nanda, Career Consultant and Educational Psychologist

Shantanu Singh Mentor and Educator

Private Tuitions for JEE and NEET

Shantanu Singh has had many years of experience teaching Physics in Kota and preparing students for JEE and NEET exams. He has a list of the questions you can expect and what you should prepare for. Try a preliminary one-on-one class with him to get personalised coaching and advice on the subjects you both hate and love.

by Shantanu Singh, Mentor and Educator

Improve Your Memory Skills Through Memory Techniques

Are you preparing for an exam, or want to train your brain to be smarter? In this class, you can get the following benefits:
1. Train you mind to learn faster
2. Improve your retaining power
3. Reduce your study time
4. Learn how to make your learning interesting

by Aravind Pashupathy, Guinness Record Holding Memory Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I consult a career counselor?

The earlier the better. Depending on your age and experience, you may choose to consult a career counselor before choosing a stream for Class 11, before graduating high school, during university, after graduating from university, or even after you’ve been working for some time.

I am in Class 10 and don’t know which stream to choose.

That is completely normal. In this case, you may benefit from psychometric tests administered by our career counselors to find out your aptitudes and go from there.

I’m about to graduate from high school and have no idea what to do next!

No problem, our career counselors can help you make that decision. Whether this is going to a university, choosing a specialization course, or joining work straight away – they can help you figure out the best education and career options for you.

Do I have to choose a job the career counselor suggests?

Not at all. If you do not like the suggestions of the counselor, we encourage you to tell them so they can use that feedback and give you more appropriate suggestions. At the end of the day, the career counselor will simply make suggestions – following them is completely up to you.

Will my career suitability change after a few years?

Research has found that the personality traits measured through psychometric tests usually start appearing around age 14, so it is unlikely that these career recommendations may change over time. 

However, if you do notice a drastic change in your preferences and require guidance for an alternate career path, please consult one of our career counselors.

I don’t know if higher education is for me. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Our career counselors understand that higher education is not everyone’s preference and that certain career paths may not even require it. Please consult our career counselors for a detailed description of the options available to you.

 I’m already in university but want to change my course/program/degree. 

While it is completely normal for young adults to change their programs, we highly recommend discussing this with your loved ones. A career counselor can help you find out what you want to do, but they will never force you to follow through on their suggestions.

 I didn’t get the grades I needed for my ideal university. 

We’re very sorry and understand you must be very disappointed. However, there are multiple options available to you – whether this is through a foundational course, taking a year out and retaking the key exams, applying to a different university, or applying to a different program. 

Please consult a career counselor to get a complete picture of what your next steps should be.

I’ve been working professionally for years but now I want to change my career. What do I do?

A number of our career counselors also help working professionals who want to change their career path. Depending on your choice, you may need to achieve certain qualifications and may need to modify your resume as well. Our career counselors can help you form a plan for the same. 

What documents will I need for a session?

It is advisable to keep your certifications nearby. These could include school mark sheets, graduation certificates, extra-curricular activities certificates, certifications from online courses, and even your up-to-date resume.

More Details About Career Counseling on Spark.Live

What Is Career Counseling? 

Career Counseling is a process through which a professional makes informed suggestions for your higher education and career path. 

A career counselor aims to reduce the anxiety, fear, and uncertainty surrounding the big career questions. They also aim to reduce any dissatisfaction you may experience by choosing an incompatible career path and reducing job stress. 

Despite popular opinion, career counseling is available and suitable for anyone regardless of age or work experience. Whether you are a high school student trying to decide which stream to choose for Class 11, a student about to graduate and confused about your university options, or a working professional looking to change your career path – a career counselor can help you through it all. 

How Can Career Counseling Help?

The career counselor takes into account factors such as your interests, aptitudes, natural inclinations, financial situation, and market demand. This is done primarily through self-report questionnaires as well as psychometric and aptitude tests. Filling these out gives the counselor a thorough picture of your strengths and weaknesses. Through these results, the counselor gives your recommendations for your career path. 

Additionally, if you want to pursue a specific career or field, the counselor can help you figure out how to improve in that field, which exams you need to give, what kind of work experience you need, where you should apply for university, and even help you with your applications. 

Some common questions a career counselor may ask you and that you may benefit from knowing before your session are: 

  • What do I like doing? 
  • What kind of activities provide fulfillment? 
  • What is my skill set? 
  • What am I good at? 
  • What are my values? 
  • What kind of work environment is best suited for me? 
  • Do I have the necessary qualifications? 
  • Do I want to travel? 
  • Are there job opportunities in my chosen field around me? 
  • What kind of salary am I expecting? 

However, you might find yourself unable to answer some of the above questions. In that case, it is also equally helpful to know what you’re NOT into and which fields are not under consideration. This process of elimination can help customize the suggestions a career counselor provides you. 

For High School Students 

Whether you’re in 8th, 9th, or 10th Grade trying to decide which stream to pick for 11th Grade, or you know which field you want to pursue and are looking for the right coaching classes, a career counselor can help you. 

Similarly, if you are in 11th or 12th Grade and trying to figure out what to do post-high school, which university to attend, whether to apply abroad, which exams you need to appear for and clear, what grades you need for your desired university – a career counselor can guide you through the process. By helping you figure out your interests and strengths, you can make an informed decision regarding your higher education and internships. 

If you are interested in an off-beat and creative path, higher education may not necessarily be the right option for you and a career counselor can help you with that as well. 

For College Students 

Now that you’ve made your way into university, you may be surrounded by a wealth of experiences and opportunities. This may be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know the legitimate and important ones from the ones that are simply not suitable for you. 

A career counselor can help you stay on the right path and ensure you choose opportunities that line up with your chosen career path. They can also guide you regarding summer internships that will help pad your resume. They can suggest how to apply for jobs based on your university results, provide important interview practice, and help you apply to the right places. 

For Working Professionals 

As a working professional, you may be looking to branch out and spread your wings. Or you may be looking to change your career path and are unsure how to go about the process, or which field you want to go to. 

A career counselor can help you figure out which fields would be suitable for you, how to apply for new jobs, if you need to clear any exams, and how you can use your work experience and transfer it to your new career path. A counselor will never judge you for wanting or needing a change, regardless of your work experience. 

Psychometric Tests 

Psychometric tests are a scientific tool used by career counselors, universities, and even corporations to measure your capability in any given area. Common examples of psychometric tests are verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests, situational judgment tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests, and personality tests. 

A career counselor may ask you to complete some of these tests to gain a  better understanding of your strengths and aptitudes. They can help form a clear picture of your working style and natural inclinations. Additionally, these tests can help you figure out if there is any particular area you want to improve. 

These tests provide standardized results, and the career counselor will usually provide you with career options based on these results and your conversation with them. These tests are particularly helpful for high school students who are unsure which field is best suited for them. 

University Application Guidance

University applications are tricky, and most universities have their own criteria for admissions. Depending on your program, you may need a resume, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, a portfolio, a video resume, or even specific exam grades. 

If you are applying for universities outside India, you may also be asked to provide proof of your English competency through English language exams. Additionally, these universities have deadlines that are months before you expect to even sit your 12th Grade exams, and it is important to apply before then. If you are applying for any scholarships or financial aid, these deadlines can be even earlier. 

A career counselor can also help you through all this. Whether it is deciding whether study abroad is for you, to deciding which country, university and course to apply for, and ensuring you clear all the necessary exams on time – a career counselor is there with you through the entire journey. 

If you are applying to a university in India, there is still the matter of shortlisting your choices and applying to them. The best applications tailor the statements of purpose depending on the program structure. If you are applying for a variety of courses, you may need to diversify your personal statements, your resume and portfolio (if needed), and even your letters of recommendation. 

Career counselors can also help with interview preparation, and guide you through the visa procedure for study abroad.